The Origins



Dear Readers,

Years ago, I was out with a group of coworkers. I asked a friend who she would go to lunch with, dead or alive. She took a minute to respond. After a brief thought she answered with “Sigmund Freud.” The reasoning was because “he would have interesting things to say.”


I was disappointed, to say the least, and suggested he may not eat a lot because of the nose candy he was famous for. She sassily asked who I would pick.


With unwavering confidence or unchecked impulsivity,  I answered, “John Stamos.” 

We are now married. 

Our polar opposite responses  have  been a theme in our marriage so far.  Stamos and Freud is a seemingly fitting title for a website predicated on alternative ideas from an obscure perspective about unimportant pop-culture rants. Although I love me some Stamos, there are plenty of other figures I could/should have selected. But the juxtaposition of the two is something I will continue to lean into. 


Stay Classy. Stay Healthy. Stamos.