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Adam Sandler Is My Hero

The title says it all but I’ll elaborate for sake of hearing myself talk. No Hollywood icon quite resonates with me more than Adam Sandler. He worked his way up on SNL in the 90’s and launched one of the most successful careers in the filmmaking business. He’s relatively scandal free and built an indisputable billion dollar career. When your filmography hits the ten-digit-club, you're worth remembering. I’m a fan of the Sandman but it goes beyond just his films.

Sure, Big Daddy is one of my comfort films. Mr. Deeds is the only romantic comedy I need. I want to grow old with The Wedding Singer. I love Adam Sandler, for his career, how he carries himself, and because it’s all in the hips.

As an east coast boy, Sandler’s New York centric vibe, in many of his films, is familiar and warm. I’ll be honest, I steer clear of his more dramatic roles although I appreciate and respect them. This has more to do with my anxiety ridden self and only wanting happy endings. (The Hollywood kind… not the naughty ones). The Sandler formula works for the romantic comedy genre. I acknowledge it and refuse to allow it to dilute my opinions about his movies. I’m no movie snob.

Sandler comes from the SNL pedigree and generation that produced Chris Rock, David Spade, and Chris Farley. Why aren’t Farley and Rock part of the Hollywood Chris debate? They ought to be.

Sandler features his homies routinely in his films. Sure, some of the movies are forgettable but who cares? We literally are watching a guy play make believe with his best friends and get paid millions of dollars. Isn’t that the dream of every man? Imagine getting paid big money for playing The Ground Is Lava with your boys. That is what dreams are made of.

If I got that job offer, my cheeser-grin would be so wide I’d need Snoop Dogg to mellow me out. Right now, my greatest enjoyment is finding a phantom pack of Pop-Tarts in my pantry behind the Stove Top Stuffing. Every time I shuffle to the mailbox this winter, I’m convinced I have pulmonary edema. Thanks Vertical Limit.

The point is, Adam Sandler has a history of playing an average guy who gets the girl. Often he makes these films with his close friends. They make fun of each other and go home richer than when they woke up in the morning.

Not to mention, the dude seems down to earth as hell. When’s the last time he showed up to promote a movie and he wasn’t wearing a tracksuit. Again, the dream? I’d say so. Comfy clothes on the reg is crushing it at life. Sandler does it with grace. The number of F's he gives is non-existent.

The thing is, Bruce Willis has been chasing paychecks for films too. Why do we resent him for it? Because it literally looks like he’s phoning it in. Sandler doesn’t. He looks like he knows his market and continues to deliver what is being asked. Plus Sandler routinely broadens his range with films like Funny People, Punch Drunk Love, and Reign Over Me. Signing an exclusive deal with Netflix just deepened his wallet and appeal.

If you are looking for high art, you and your A24 compatriots can go watch Uncut Gems. Otherwise keep your film school sriracha away from me. Don’t forget, Sandler knows all of isms. When hosting SNL they literally made fun of all of them… to his face.

Does he have some awful movies? Yes.

Does that make me love him any less… No.

At the end of the day, my dream is to live the Sandler fantasy. Have a successful career by playing pretend with your best friends and attend business meetings in comfy clothes. Getting paid is also nice. The man does it all, including a strong musical repertoire.

Hearing him sing about Chris Farley was heartbreaking but cathartic for fans like myself. It honors his friend and gives a realistic portrayal of what it must have been like to lose him. This was something we rarely saw or heard from Sandler. It only furthered any appreciation for the down-to-earth person he appears to be. If you haven't heard it already, enjoy:

Adam Sandler has still got it. Watching his 100% Fresh special on Netflix reminded me of all the reasons why he's the man. He can make you laugh and cry. The dude is my kind of people and if he ever has Bill Cosby level scandal, I'll be devastated. Sandler's big pitch is that being average pays off. It's why he's so successful. He represents the average person and gives them a place in Hollywood. I look forward to watching all of his movies... no matter how awful.

Just gotta remember, its all in the hips.

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