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After a two-week hiatus, I am back.

Over the last few weeks I’ve reflected on ways to enhance the blog and really hone in on a specific niche. During these two weeks of lying low, I diagnosed myself with ADHD, got bit by my dog, got a new tooth-brush, watched the pilot to Columbo, and celebrated my birthday. Despite any of the proceeding examples, I am, in-fact, a millennial. Move over Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, this website’s mission statement is getting an overhaul.

In its conception Stamos and Freud has been an experiment in writing about areas that I enjoy. Specifically, I chose pop-culture and cynically analyzing my life experiences through the lens of entertainment phenomenon. While finding internet wealth and prosperity is always the hope, it isn’t the focus. Writing about life, both the good and bad, with a humorous filter to help process the absurdity is what we’re all about.

Analyzing our viewership has been fun to see. At the time of writing, our website has been viewed by nearly 1000 different people from 30 different countries. Have I made any money? Nope. In fact, I’ve probably lost money. Damn you bitcoin.

Also, our returning viewers are nearly non-existent. They are mostly family members that are obligated to love me and support Stamos and Freud. Of course I appreciate them, they are the backbone of my audience at this point. Granted, I should stop referring to the blog as my mom’s retirement plan. That might be a Scott’s Tots scenario of writing checks I can’t cash.

Every once and a while, I write something that people have clung to. Mostly a lighting in a bottle situation about cheating on my wife with Taco Bell or my love affair with Guy Fieri. The stronger the personal anecdote the weaker the viewership, or so it seems. The only two exceptions have been my post about growing up going to AA Meetings and Kevin Costner. Unexpectedly I got a crazy number of hits from a Kevin Costner Italian Fan group. Buongiorno Boys.

Where do I go from here? Do I continue to write a self-serving narcissistically driven stream of conscience manifesto for my family? They hear enough of that at every holiday. Should I continue to draw parallels in my life to defining pop-culture?

I never wanted to touch politics or religion. Both are important topics but on this platform, it seems not worth addressing more than I already do. Political memes are just so majestic.

So what is my purpose? Great question.

Recently my wife shared a game that her family would play when she was younger. It was called divorce. As a toddler, she would stand in the middle of the room when her parents would stand at opposite ends and call for her. Whoever she trotted off too would win the divorce. That is a hilariously glorious game predicated on the 1980s. We both laughed as she shared this story.

I tried to resist, but I couldn’t help myself.

I told her my family played that game too. In our version, it involved a lawyer and ended with my brothers and I visiting a parent every other weekend. Good thing she didn’t have a game called overdose, I would have won that one too.

Personal anecdotes and pop-culture seem to be the topics I cling to. Maybe there is solidarity in those who cynically interpret their life experiences too. Or not. Reminding ourselves that life is not that serious and we all wish we were Paul Rudd in any movie he’s in. Sometimes that involves ranting about things for no greater reasons than complaining to complain.

Yes, I’m talking about you Peloton. I can’t tell you the number of angry comments I received, courtesy of Reddit, about my cycling negativity. I was informed by several readers that I was tearing down the very fabric of their self-esteem because I dared complain about the exercise machine. Well, if they read to the end of the post, they would have seen that I was envious of the passion and the cult-like vibe. I plan to double down my efforts against this pedaling community soon.

Oh and my satirical post about Tom Cruise running for president… one online viewer did not take too kindly. Lots of profanity, a smidge of homophobia, and a hint of anti-Semitism was heaved our way. After I encouraged him to look up “sarcasm” he deleted his post.

On the contrary, I’ve dumped on Pat Sajak in nearly all my posts and no one has run to his rescue. Damn straight. The soggy oyster looking oatmeal raisin can shove it.

Where does this leave Stamos and Freud?


The same place it started. A place for complaining and finding humor in your life-experience through the guise of pop-culture.

Maybe I will find my focus sometime soon, but not today.

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