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Second Sip: Coors Banquet

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Yes, it’s a Coors. We understand that craft beers have swept the nation like a hipster plague hellbent on being unique. We can also acknowledge and agree with the internet’s hate-hate relationship with Coors Light. The Banquet beer is not that. Due to this beer’s legacy and position in pop culture, Coors Banquet deserves a second sip.

Brought to us by Adolph Coors and his late 1800’s mission to come to America and build his own brewing empire. It was his commitment to finding the perfect water for his beer that led to the birth of Golden Brewery in Colorado.

Golden, a mining town, filled with hard-working people with great tasting water, brought Coors’ dream to life. As the legend goes, it was miners who gave The Banquet Beer its name.

Decades went by, including prohibition, a new name, and the baton being pass by the OG Coors, but the empire endured. In the 1950’s Bill Coors introduced the aluminum can and offered can buybacks which brought forward a recycling revolution in the beverage world.

Now a part of Molson Coors, the Banquet Beer is still worthwhile. Just ask Sam Elliot and his mustache-less face.

Watch an 80’s action movie and you’ll find one of these cans floating around. Johnny Lawrence is also crushing at least one of these in any episode of Cobra Kai. This beer is embedded in movies with iconic stars. Take a look.

This is also the beer that E.T.’s pruned -testicular-looking-self drank when he was cashing in on the fruits of humanity.

With a heritage that dates back to 1868, the Banquet Beer wasn’t even available in all 50 states until 1991. Only 11 states had access to this drink for decades.

Every hop-loving brewery snob must acknowledge that their microbrew would absolutely go national if they could. What then? Would your favorite hazy no longer tickle your fancy if everyone can buy it?

Our advice, try the Banquet. You don’t have to love it, but it does deserve a second sip.

It has a history that starts with clean water, a recycling revolution, and the endorsement of one of the greatest mustache’s in Hollywood.

Brewery: Coors Brewing (Molson Coors Co.)

Classification: Lager

ABV: 5 %

Our Score: Given this beers lineage, the fact it’s still brewed in Golden, CO, and that it’s a throwback to a time with easier beer sections, we give this a solid 7. Growing up, when you wondered what beer tasted like, it was Coors. The flavor is just beer. Nothing wrong with that either. Can’t help wanting to give my beer snobs the finger with this historic gem.

Suggested activities while drinking: Sitting, staring, listening to 80s music.

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