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Second Sip: Corona Extra

Salute mi familia! It's time to live your life a quarter mile at a time. Even if it's cold outside, throw on your muscle tee and crank the Wiz Khalifa. This Fast and Furious staple deserves a second sip.

First introduced to the US in the early 80’s, this Mexican beer was one of the fastest imported beverages of all time. It was brewed in Mexico in the 1920’s, bottled in clear glass decades later, and exported to countries all over the world. No country consumes more Corona than the United States and last year, we consumed over 8 million barrels.

The popularity of this beer was only beaten by the likes of Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, Budweiser, and Michelob Ultra. Look, I get the company the Corona is keeping, but is that any reason to not consume this warm weather stalwart? Just ask Jimmy Buffet.

This drink is so successful that it pissed off Jimmy Buffet into making a beer of his own. Jimmy Buffet fans, aka Parrotheads, would guzzle down these beers like Vin Diesel says “family.”

Allegedly, Buffet hated seeing Corona flooding his concert audience. His disdain, or capitalistic greed, was so strong that he founded the oddly familiar island lager, Land Shark.

The Fast and Furious franchise catches some heat for what? The multi-ethnic blue collar super spies do all they do from behind the wheel of slick looking cars. I see nothing wrong with this. Isn’t this what blockbusters are supposed to be? Sure, Vin Diesel says "family" more than anyone asked him too. Yes, women are occasionally objectified. The formula works.

The pop culture relevance is nearly unmatched with a beer this popular in 2020. The misfortune for this brand is sharing a name with a deadly virus sweeping the globe. Not only is there a Corona shortage because of the virus but its shared name may have also contributed to the dip in sales.

Corona is not made for the beer snob. Again, should the wide success of this brand be held against it? Hipsters be damned, this sunshine beer with a lime wedge tastes like summer and street racing. The beer of the people is fine by me. Don’t be a buster, try this beer.

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Brewery: Modelo & AB InBev

Classification: Pale lager

ABV: 4.6%

Our Score: This beer is widely popular and gives drinkers a reason to enjoy the antithesis of a micro-brew. Not to mention the adoration this drink has found due to the success of Vin Diesel's family fueled Fast and Furious franchise. (I just won Scattergories with that one). It's sunshine in a bottle and doesn't get better when paired with a lime wedge. We give this second sip of Corona an 8.5 because... family.

Suggested Activities While Drinking: Listen to Wiz Khalifa with a shaved head and work on your ride... or day dream about doing that while in sweats on your couch.

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