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Second Sip: Teremana Tequila

It wasn’t so long ago that the World Wrestling Federation ruled my weeknights. Excluding TGIF on Friday’s and the parent pleasing, 7th Heaven. (Which allowed me to stay up late on Mondays) Not to mention the Saturday cartoons or daily viewings of Doug. Damn, I watched a lot of TV in the 90s. All this to say, The Rock is my all time favorite wrestler and my inspiration for this week’s Second Sip on Teremana Tequila... aka Jabroni Juice.

But first, one of my favorite memes featuring the People's Champion:

Steve Austin, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Hardy Boys, and I’ll even include the infamous Rakishi, ruled Smackdown and Raw. Don’t worry, I had exposure to Shawn Michaels, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, and Jake the Snake too. I was a wrestling connoisseur... so much so that I forgave artistic experiments like this cringeworthy number.

Dwayne “The Rock'' Johnson was my dude. Excuse me, my jabroni. He helped me understand the difference between narrating in the first and third person. He reminded me to stick to what I’m good at. But most of all, he helped me learn how to command an audience with presence.

This man continues to be everywhere and as such, I felt compelled to try his most recent business endeavor, tequila. It's important to note that celebrity endorsed liquor seems to be the new side hustle for well known celebrities hoping to garner the same paycheck as the Aviation Gin sale. The brand sold for over $900 million dollars. Damn. I'll be waiting for Pat Sajak to jump into this business. I can hear all the Wheel of Fortune gimmicks now. This drink will nock your vowels off. Woof. In the meantime, I'll be drafting my scathing review.

Teremana is developed in Mexico atop of the Jalisco Mountains, this tequila is crafted with premium agave. Harvested, distilled, and cultivated in unique conditions make this liquor memorable. The name combines Latin and Polynesian roots for earth and spirit. Together this drink is translated to mean “spirit of the earth.” I couldn’t come up with a more Dwayne Johnsony name for a product such as this. He has leaned heavily into his Samoan ancestry but not without criticism.

The Teremana website has a host of mixed drink recipes that you can choose from. Some are inspired by The Rock's wrestling career and others are doing everything to include "mana" in their name. The manarita takes many forms.

In the end, The Rock has taught me a lot in life. I learned that the People’s Elbow holds little real world value, along with a steel chair as a melee weapon and the functionality of a chokeslam in a real fight. Perhaps leading with a chokeslam will undoubtedly set the tone of any fight I may get in at Taco Bell. He also taught me to have unrealistic sideburn expectations... which is why I cling to the mustache.

The Rock is king of rebranding. I supported him in Scorpion King and I continue to support his new endeavor into tequila. Even though I'm convinced this is just a battle he hopes to get in with Ryan Reynolds at some point. This is one celebrity pivot we won't cringe about.

Distillery: Teremana

Classification: Tequila (Blanco)

ABV: 40%

Our Score: This tequila is gluten free with 100% pure agave. If you like all the others, you'll like this one too. If not, shut your mouth. I recommend trying the Ranch Water recipe as featured in the picture above. Topo Choco, Teremana, lime slices, and lots of ice. It's refreshing and keeps you hydrated as you pound down your Jabroni Juice. For these reasons, we give this drink a solid 9. It tastes like the real deal.

Suggested activities while drinking: Backyard wrestling, watching Vin Diesel's Street Shark commercial, and playing The Ground is LAVA!

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